Terracing for Fruit Trees

After a winter transplant, We still managed to get 4 lbs of bush cherries.

Bush cherries were transplanted from an other farm.

Spring/Summer 2016

After 5 years our strawberries keep getting better each year. This year we picked 120 lbs in 6 weeks. 

Sadly spring started in early March (2015)

Fruit Trees and Cover Crops for the Terrace

Grapes vine management was changed to a tall cage to prevent easy racoon access. This is the 2nd year like this and has worked well providing good production.

After its third spring in the ground our donut peach produced 37 lbs of.

Aquaponics System

These were taken in November of 2014 after spreading wood chip mulch after chop and dropping the cover crops.

In Fall of 2013, the terracing was complete, straw was spread over the entire area to begin rebuilding the soil and hide cover seed from birds.

This system is a variation of Murray Hallams Toteponics system. The fish shown are Blue and Golden Tilapia. More decorative systems can be designed to incorporate existing ponds.

The trees continued to grow even with the drought. Most of the tree crops were lost to grey squirrel.

New Jujube trees planted

Hillside Farmstead

20 Fruit trees and 7 support trees were planted in the Spring of 2014 and drip irrigation installed. Ground cover seed of sunflower, clover, and red cow peas were then cast randomly. Wet areas around trees were planted with Tomatoes and melons.

Winter/Spring 2016

Maturing Trees in 2016