This pond was dug over a 4 day period in November. When full this pond will store over 115,000 gal of water.

Photos from 12/14/14 after first major storm of the season. It is about 1/4 to 1/3 full.

Water Catchment Pond

Google Earth picture from May 2016.

Four days after completion. More storms on the way. Outlook is good that it will fill up quickly.

Amount captured after .75 inches the first day after completion

Swales Added to Pond System

The top swale will empty into the pond on heavy rain events. Once full the pond spills over opposite the dam into the middle swale. This swale takes water to the north fence line and discharges into the bottom swale. After filling, the bottom swale will discharge on the north fence line and into an old miners ditch before going to the creek.