Winter/spring 2016

Cell Phone video of second major rainstorm at project site.

Project Sunshine

Plot 1

Trees were planted on the swales in winter

We were introduced to this property in August 2015 and began work in September. The property was previously home to several condemned Buildings that were removed prior to our arrival.For the fall construction period work was divided into 2 plots.

These photos of the swale system were taken in late November. A  Bamboo hedge was installed at the bottom of the property for privacy and wind break. With the fence nearly complete, The owners will be able to plant many types of trees by December. The area above the top swale will be the future site of a pond. 

Plot 2

Plot #2 is a terrace system that will eventually incorporate a free range chicken operation as well as annual and perennial plantings. With the earth works done we will let things settle until spring when a perimeter fence will be built as well as irrigation lines installed.